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We ActionCOACHs support business owners in 80+ countries to take their companies from good to great. While doing this, we work with a target realization success rate of 92%. We accompany the growth of companies, their intergenerational transfer, the establishment of new companies, their expansion abroad, and their sailing to new horizons. Sometimes we become the Finance Manager, Marketing Manager, Sales Manager, Operations Manager, Human Resources Manager of the company. We become the confidant, coach, mentor and consultant of the bosses. We read a lot, work hard, and constantly improve ourselves. We live ahead of the agenda. Every week, we attend online webinars hosted by a different country. We go to the global conference at least twice a year. We are constantly discussing ideas with coaches in 80+ countries. We are also business owners. We also use our teachings to grow our own business.

The responsibility on us is huge.

For this reason, we are looking for hardworking coach candidates who feel like us, think like us, will be devoted to their work, comply with our 14 cultural principles, and have ambitions for success. Yes, we are a little picky. If you are also saying “this is my dream job”, come check out the 16 steps you need to complete to become ActionCOACH and take your first step into the global world of ActionCOACH by filling out our application form!

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