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Becoming an ActionCOACH Business CoachCommon Questions for ActionCOACH Partners

At ActionCOACH we use a structured approach to Marketing & Sales process for attracting Clients for Coaches. The purpose of the process is to get a Prospect to attend a Six Steps To Grow Your Business Seminar. On average about 70% of those attending apply for a Business Diagnostic Session (DIAG). And 30-40% of those sessions result in a paid new Coaching Client. This proven system for generating new Coaching Clients is the heart of our marketing process. If you’d like to watch this Seminar, fill the form and see our Founder Brad Sugars present it. We generate leads for these seminars by using a structured marketing approach: our 13 Step Marketing System. The 13 Steps Process has been tested & measured worldwide and proven to be one of the most effective ways of attracting Clients.

    We guarantee to get results, and that Clients will be able to “Find our Fee” in their business within 1 year of ActionCOACH coaching their company, or their coaching is FREE. Our coaching programs and strategies have been tested and proven all over the world, so when Clients hire an ActionCOACH, they WILL get results.

    ActionCOACH has a world class culture and extensive systems to ensure that our Business Coaches can get results with any business that qualifies to become a Client. Note, not all business owners are ready to grow their business. Not all are ready to put the time and money in. But for those that are ready, one of the reasons we’re the largest business coaching franchise in the world is that we get results. The fastest way to see the depth and breadth of these systems is with what we call an ActionCOACH Toolbox Tour. It’s free, and takes about 90 minutes. If you progress to the next Stage, we’ll send you details on how to book your Tour.

    Please note the success of your Franchise will depend largely upon your individual abilities and your market, and the financial results of your franchise are likely to differ, perhaps materially, from the results summarized in this Section. You should not use this information as an indication of how well your franchise will do. A number of factors will affect the success of your Franchise. These factors include the current market conditions, the type of market in your franchise area, the location of your franchise, the proximity of competition, and your personal ability to operate the franchise.

    Since ActionCOACH pioneered Business Coaching since the early 1990’s, the term has become synonymous with performance and growth, and it is as focused on the business, its team, its processes, and its sales and marketing as it is on the business owner.
    You see, owners of small-to-medium-sized businesses find it hard enough to keep pace with all the changes and innovations going on in today’s modern world to find the time to devote to sales, marketing, systems, planning and team management … and then to run their business after that.
    You’ll take your business experience, add it to our proprietary and copyrighted systems, and together through weekly conversations, you’ll coach business owners to financial and personal success.

    Only people with passion should become a Business Coach. That’s because Business Coaching is a very passionate business.
    So if you’re passionate about business, life and love, then ask yourself this: Does the very thought of finding better and more efficient ways of improving a company’s bottom line set your pulse racing? Are you the kind of person who is constantly striving to succeed? Do you always find yourself helping others? If this sounds like you, then read on…

    You’ll want an opportunity that provides you with a solid system and platform for entrepreneurial freedom … one that’s based on years of experience, proven systems and ongoing training. You’ll want to own a profitable and fulfilling business, yet you won’t want to “recreate the wheel.” Only a proven franchise will provide all this.

    If you’re going to invest in your own business, you’d better make sure it has every chance of success … right? Why else would you want to go it alone, taking all the risks and facing an uncertain future?
    Smart people choose to go with the winners. Even smarter people choose franchises that not only give them every chance of surviving the first few years in business, but ones that maximize their chances of succeeding through having proven systems to support them every step along the way.
    By choosing to buy an ActionCOACH franchise, you’ll be joining the World’s # 1 Business Coaching Team. Not only that, you’ll become an integral member of the company that started the industry! You’ll also have more than enough resources at your disposal to ensure your business buzzes from the word “go.”
    That’s right … you’ll become one of hundreds of Business Coaches operating in 26 countries around the world. And they’ll all be there to help and encourage you every step along the way.

    When you invest in the ActionCOACH system, you purchase the franchise rights to operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching business. This provides you with the complete ActionCOACH system that covers sales, marketing, and coaching. You’ll also get your own personal success coach who will keep you on track, a global support group, and a network of other coaches with whom to share ideas, successes and experiences.
    In short … you’ll be getting proven turn-key systems that have been developed and tested over the past 28 years.

    This depends largely on your own personal skills, expenses, needs and goals … and how big or quickly you’d like your business to grow. However, as a general rule, you should arrange to have access to working capital to fund the initial cash flow requirements of your business, to set up your office and communications requirements and fund any travel expenses.

    You’ll be provided with all the tools, and the knowledge, to have a dramatic impact on your clients’ businesses … and to change your life.
    By the time you start coaching, you’ll be a master of most powerful business secrets available. And you’ll know the keys to multiplying business profits and generating wealth. You’ll be fully equipped to achieve sensational results that will amaze your clients.

    Unlike a lot of other franchisee training programs, your initial 5-10 day training program is only the beginning of your journey. You see, you’ll be stepping onto a continual learning curve, with reading, seminars, workshops, conferences and internet-based chat groups and forums all part of the process. It’s stimulating … and it works.

    ActionCOACH has a two-tiered administration and support system which provides franchisees with the best of both worlds.
    Your ActionCOACH Regional Office is responsible for the overall administration, direction, development and marketing of the network, while your Master Licensee will provide initial and ongoing support and guidance. This ensures that help is never far away.

    Your main income stream will be through coaching and mentoring your clients, each of which will provide you with monthly revenue.
    Seminars are just one of the lead generators you’ll use to source clients, and considering you’ll be consistently aiming for at least two coaching clients from each seminar (plus those you’ll convert from many of our other proven prospecting techniques) you’ll find your earning potential will only be limited by your enthusiasm. One thing’s for sure: you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the end of each month.

    No. However, a strong business background is a must. If you have owned or managed a business before, or if you have a background in sales, then this is probably the business for you. You will need a sound understanding of business principles, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, the right attitude and a healthy dose of motivation. Be prepared to show us how much passion you have for helping others, and show us too, the amount of drive you have to succeed in this business.

    As you’d imagine, being a Business Coach you’d have all the latest lead generation and sales techniques available to you. You’ll be using the full suite of the most powerful, tried-and-tested marketing tools available to develop your business. You’ll also have access to the very latest thinking on the subject … and this will keep you ahead of the pack.

    Everyone knows, and accepts, that sport stars need coaches. Without them they simply wouldn’t succeed. So what is it about business people? Why don’t they, as a matter of course, have Business Coaches?
    Well, times have changed. More and more business owners realize that in today’s fast-paced business environment, there’s no way they can stay abreast of developments, let alone keep ahead of them. The case for a Business Coach has become unassailable. Well, to those owners serious about success, it has.
    Furthermore, business owners find it all but impossible to receive objective answers from themselves. A Business Coach can see the forest for the trees. The Business Coach will make them focus harder on the job at hand, and will make them run more laps than they otherwise would. You see, a Business Coach will tell you what is going on in your business without getting emotional about it. A Business Coach will, in effect, be the business owner’s marketing manager, sales director, training co-coordinator, partner and friend … all rolled into one.
    You see, more and more business owners are discovering that, while they might survive without a Business Coach, it’s all but impossible to thrive without one. So who then is our competition? We don’t have any really … except all the other Business Coaching firms that have recognized the potential of what we are doing and copying us. None, however, have anything like the tradition, reputation and resources available that we do.

    It’s hard to think of a business that would not benefit in some way from ActionCOACH ‘s products and services. Most of these business owners are Owner/Operators who are looking to introduce systems that can generate more growth or profit, provide them with more time, or produce better productivity from their team members.
    We have found that most start-up businesses are either not financial enough to afford our coaching services or are still in the development and establishment phase of their business cycle. They do not normally fit our ideal business profile.
    Similarly, many big businesses will have their own in-house marketing departments working in conjunction with outside advertising and public relations houses, and therefore may not see a need for our services.

    Absolutely! You see, the key to change in any business is its owner … not you. The owner is the expert in the business, so by applying the ActionCOACH systems, you can make almost any business fly. Add to this the fact that within the global ActionCOACH team at least one of your fellow Business Coaches will have either worked with, worked in or even owned a business that’s the same or very similar to that of your client, you’ll begin to understand the effectiveness and value of the ActionCOACH system and network.
    The funny thing about business is that it doesn’t matter whether you sell paperclips or airplanes, one thing you can almost count on is that pretty much every business owner you talk to (wherever they live) will want more customers, more revenues and more profit … and those are the three things that they can’t change (not directly, anyway). And while every enterprise has a unique set of challenges, they all rely on customers, revenues and profits. And that’s where your services will be in hot demand. So in a nutshell – yes, this system will work in your area, simply because most of the challenges business owners face are indeed universal.

    Like all new entrepreneurial ventures, the first 12 months will be the hardest, not because of the amount of work you’ll do, but because the work will be different.
    The learning curve that our franchisees go through is steep … and we can guarantee that you will learn more as an ActionCOACH in the first 12-18 months than you will learn anywhere else. As a trainee, you’ll become a sponge soaking up information from every source, whether it is other Business Coaches, books, seminars or personal experience. Plus, you’ll want to know more about everything … which means you will be VERY busy.
    Being new at the business coaching game, you’ll be trying out all our different sales and marketing strategies, trying to find the strategies that will work for you in your business …
    So even though initially you will be spending at least 25 hours per week marketing, selling and gaining knowledge, you will find that as the business grows, you can divide your time more evenly between Marketing and Delivery. This should see you working between 40 to 60 hours a week in the first year of your apprenticeship.
    We do recommend however, that when you have between 8 and 12 clients, you hire a Personal Assistant so you can leverage your time more effectively. At this point you will start to choose the hours of work that suit you, your clients and your prospects.
    As you settle into your new business, you should be working around 2 hours per week per client with one hour spent coaching and the other doing behind the scenes preparation work.

    A successful ActionCOACH is results driven, motivated and willing to follow the system. Business Coaches who lead the field around the world not only run a highly profitable business and have exceptional client relationships; they also contribute to the growth and development of the franchise worldwide.
    Surveys show franchisees succeed because of an eagerness to learn and a desire to help others; a willingness to work long hours to get the momentum going; good people and relationship building skills; sales ability or a willingness to learn and apply sales systems; solid self-discipline and family support; an ability to take direction when needed and to read when necessary; having money in reserve and being willing to invest it; a willingness to take risks and to ask for help; being well organized and being a good planner.
    Common reasons for failure include not following the system; not working hard enough or not doing enough marketing; going ahead despite family opposition; spending money on the good things in life earning it; not enjoying selling to other business people; not having the self-discipline to cope with the responsibility of owning a small business; being under-funded and misleading the franchisor on the amount of funds available.

    You will be required to sign a full legally binding Franchise Agreement in line with local Franchise and Contract Laws. You can go through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) with your advisors. Our obligations, as well as the obligations of the Master Franchisee and all of your obligations will be clearly laid out.
    It is dependent on what type of contract you retain. The usual term for a Franchise Agreement is five to seven years. You will be eligible to renew for additional five year terms provided that you have conducted your franchise in compliance with the terms of your agreements, that you comply with certain conditions, that you sign our updated form of Franchise Agreement and pay a Renewal Fee.

    To put it bluntly … No. Your ActionCOACH franchise is a business, and as a result it is up to you to make it work. We will never promise any specific results, nor will we guarantee that any of your goals will become a reality. You see, just like you’re the Business Coach to your clients, we’re your coach and you’re the player. It’s up to you to take the field. We will push you, cajole you, help you, be there for you and even do some things with you … but at the end of the day, you still need to do the work …
    Only YOU can ever be truly accountable for your own success and at ActionCOACH we know this to be a fact. We guarantee to give you the best service we can, and to answer your questions promptly and with the best available information. We also promise to keep you up-to-date with new improvements while constantly keep striving to make your ActionCOACH system better, more powerful and more valuable than ever. And, we’re committed to making you successful, whether you like it or not …

    We are just as diligent as you are in wanting to make sure the ActionCOACH opportunity is the right fit for you. Showing your interest by learning more about us is the first step. The next is organizing a one-on-one interview with your Master Franchisee who will ask you to complete an application form before starting your Due Diligence. Several meetings with other Business Coaches follow this before an acceptance interview with an ActionCOACH Regional Office, when your paperwork will be completed.
    Congratulations, you have taken the first step … now on to the second … Apply Now…

    Are you interested in becoming an ActionCOACH?

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